Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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Tadaaa~ Whatsapp+ is here, now i know that probably some of you knows about this app already but im showing it anyway to our beloved android user who still doesnt know about this app. It is similar to the original whatsapp that we use but with lots of tweaks and perks! such as having lots of themes for us to choose! thats right themes baby! hahaha. I'll teach you guys how to install this app here coz it needs a little bit of trick to install :-

1) Download Whatsapp+ here

2) If you have an original whatsapp installed you might wanna backup your chats and then straight away uninstall it but please dont clear the data just uninstall it.

3) Now install whatsapp+ and register it like you used to! Enjoy!

Now for ROOT users we have an extra perks over here. we could use the HIDE ONLINE STATUS feature but as you all know we need to donate before being able to use that so rest assured your money is safe! i know you guys want that feature so bad so here it is after you have installed your whatsapp+

1)Download Lucky Patcher here and choose the latest version.

2) Install lucky patcher and run it

3) At the app list hold the whatsapp+ icon and touch the "custom patch" and touch "apply"

4) When it is done patching launch the whatsapp+

5) click menu and touch hide online status! Congratulations you have just hide your online status and be hidden!

You could always show your status back. Enjoy guys! If you have any issue feel free to drop me a message :)

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